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World News: 3D-Photography and 3D-Video-Enjoyment without Glasses

3D experience with a single click!
An unlimited number of available or home made videos in 2D and 3D can now be enjoyed on the iPad in 3D in retina quality. Eassee3D® uses the newest patented Parallax-layer lenticular technology, two different image information to be interlocked in such a video with that in the subsequent playback with the matching original Eassee3D® Frame causes a real, clear 3D effect. 2D videos are thereby converted while streaming, in real time in 3D and played back directly simply by one click!
Eassee3D® FrameClips and Bumpers are currently available for:
• iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5
• iPad and iPad mini
NEW Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4
The new Eassee3D® frames make videos available anywhere, anytime in brilliant 3D quality.

How to use Eassee3D

Eassee3D® App

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Finally the new Eassee3D® app is available worldwide in the iTunes AppStore. Developed by our German team it offers all 3D friends maximum 3D experience: Just launch app, set up the frame kit right and enjoy 3D movies without glasses.
• load 3D side-by-side videos to the iPhone / iPad and look directly to the app
• visit 100,000s Youtube 3D movies online and enjoy
• Take your video with an external app (see apps) and convert it immediately into 3D viewing without glasses.
The new Eassee3D® app is now available for download for free on the AppStore.
  • Download for iOS devices from iTunes AppStore:
  • Download for Samsung Galaxy from GooglePlay Android Store:
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