Even more fun with the new Eassee3D® App

Finally the new Eassee3D® App is available worldwide in the iTunes AppStore. Developed by our German team it offers all 3D friends maximum 3D experience: Just launch app, set up the right frame kit and enjoy 3D movies without glasses.

load 3D side by side videos to the iPhone/ iPad and look directly with the Eassee3D app
visit Youtube and enjoy 100,000s 3D movies online
convert 2D videos in realtime into 3D viewing without glasses
automatically convert your videos into 3D viewing without glasses.

The new Eassee3D® App is now available for download for free in the iTunes AppStore.
Eassee3D App is now also availible for download for free at Google Play Android AppStore (for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4).


mkv files can now be played with the Eassee3D FrameClips. However, an additional application of our partner NXP is required for this special format, the CineXPlayer.
Download from the iTunes App Store
Download from Google Play Android Market
In addition, the CineXPlayer provides the opportunity to receive a few hundred online TV streams.
CineXPlayer is a very good complement to Eassee3D app.

Pac-Laby 3D

Pac-Laby 3D is the first game for Eassee3D that is available in the iTunes Store! In the style of the iconic “Pacman” from the 80s, the player moves his character through a maze to be eaten in the numerous blocks. Through the lenticular technology, this gaming experience gets more lively on iPhone or iPad with Eassee3D!
The best about it: SPAC PROD presents this game in a basic version available for free! At the game can be downloaded from the AppStore; attach Eassee3D frame on your iPhone / iPad and get started!
SPAC PROD offers on its website a clear explanation to the game menu and function!
Have fun with Eassee3D and Pac-Laby 3D – Special Edition for Eassee3D!

Video Cam 3D

With Video Cam 3D, 2D videos on the iPhone can be easily converted into 3D video. Create your video with the camera app on the iPhone/ iPad. The video is automatically saved in your recording folder. Now boot Video Cam 3D, choose your video and wait the compression process. Now choose the output type side by side and as the view device the middle icon, which should be an iPhone/ iPad. Regarding the 3D intensity we recommend the slide in the front third to leave. Try a little here is called for in order to get your best result. After you’ve made these settings click: Convert Now. The result is automatically stored in the recording folder.
Now if you go with the Eassee3D® app in the recording folder, you can find your converted video last. The Dutch colleagues offer both apps for the iPhone as well as iPad. There is one limited in functionality free app and equipped with additional features app for €0.79. Amazing 😉