Eassee3D 2.0 App – Optimizing and Simplifying

Eassee3D 2.0 App – Optimizing and Simplifying

Cologne (Germany) 2014-01-28

Eassee3D® 2.0 – The New Dimension of Viewing
• Complete revision of Eassee3D® system.
• New Eassee3D® 2.0 App is now available for iOS and Android.
• iOS APP supports all current iPhone and iPad.
• Android app for all Android devices up from Android 4.0
• New simple, non-verbal, intuitive concept.
• New FrameClips.

Eassee3D® 2.0 – The new dimension of 3D vision without glasses on any mobile iOS or Android device.

• Automatic display of all available MP4 clips on the device.
• Easy selection of clips using a fingertip.
• Visualization of existing side by side MP4 clips.
• Virtual 2D/3D Converter generates virtual 3D in real time.
• No Content deficiency, since each own video can be seen immediately in 3D.
• 2D/3D switch for manual 3D playback .
• Online mode (YouTube) via WiFi or 3G/UMTS
• Easy switch in the YouTube mode for enjoying million clips instantly in 3D.
• Enter your own search terms and see the result instantly in 3D without glasses.
• Favorites – Eassee3D® automatically remembers the last playing clip.
• Future proof – Eassee3D® App is also extended to include additional functionality in the future.

New Eassee3D® FrameClips and bumpers for many different iOS – and Android Devices.

The Eassee3D® skins produced in Germany according to the patented lenticular Parallax technology were further optimized and tuned according to their use on the respective display types. Depending on the design and purpose, they can now be integrated both in different holding systems and also directly into OEM products.
Eassee3D® products are available in three models since the beginning of 2014!  

PREMIUM Eassee3D® Bumper made of high quality aircraft aluminum completely encloses the device and protects it as well as to mechanical influences from the outside. The proven slider technology ensures that the Eassee3D® skins can be highly accurate integrated and plugged in case of need on the back.
Eassee3D® Bumper for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S, Samsung Galaxy 3/4, iPad generation 2/3/4, iPad Mini/ retina, as well as current 8″Android tablets.

PRO The PRO range of successful Eassee3D® FrameClip has been extended. Made of aluminum or stainless steel, they are simply clipped to the devices and even the 3D experience begins without glasses.
Due to the symmetrical design with all iPhone 4/4S/5/5S products they can be in the case of non-use simply clipped to the back. Eassee3D® FrameClips now available for iPad Generation 2/3/4, iPad Mini/ retina, as well as current 8″Android tablets.

COSMO BOOK New are Eassee3D® products made of faux leather. The original Eassee3D® skin is already integrated into the plastic housing, so that the corresponding device only needs to be used and the 3D fun can begin immediately without glasses.
Eassee3D® COSMO plastic products are available in different versions from December 2013: iPhone 4/4S/5/5S, Samsung Galaxy 3/4, iPad Generation2/3/4, iPad Mini/ retina, as well as current 8″Android Tablets. The products are available with suitable surfaces for a corresponding imprint in both a paid version as well as a promotional item for communication actions.

This 3D experience without glasses is available in the future even easier and more diverse, any webmaster can integrate his website clips with the Eassee3D® link generator and so use the theme 3D for his own use purposes. Via QR Code can be implemented easily the download of the app. This applies to both the new Eassee3D® 2.0 app in Android & iOS as well as for other apps that support Eassee3D®.

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