New Parallax-Corrector by

New Parallax-Corrector by

Parallax Corrector – quick and easy way to modify settings of a stereo pair
Parallax Corrector
Available for After Effects and Nuke

3D films that are shown in movie theaters typically use a rather small parallax to provide a comfortable view for everybody in the auditorium, regardless of where they sit. Content for 3DTV purposes has other requirements for the parallax value: smaller screens and shorter viewing distances necessitate greater shifts between objects in the right and left views so as to make the 3D effect clearly visible. Therefore, when transferring a movie to a format suitable for 3DTV, the original stereo parallax must be increased, with consideration given to TV screen typical sizes and viewing distances. A change in parallax may also be necessary if content is to be shown on different 3D displays—most monitors have their own preferred settings and comfort parallax values. YUVsoft Parallax Corrector technology is a fast, automatic solution that can handle both cases described above.

Most methods of changing parallax require a previously obtained disparity map and a stereo generator that has numerous user-adjustable parameters. Using such methods increases the time spent to correct stereo content. YUVsoft Parallax Corrector technology was specifically developed to save time by automatically changing the parallax value using just the source stereo as input. The algorithm supports both interpolation and extrapolation in views (i.e., the parallax value can be either reduced or increased). Another useful feature of Parallax Corrector is its ability to change the source video’s zero-level.

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