2013D FrameClip for iPhone 4/4S

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Eassee3D® FrameClip for iPhone 4/4S

Eassee3D® technology is MADE IN GERMANY, with which you can watch 3D movies on all current iOS devices (iPhone / iPad). The system consists of the Eassee3D® app, that can be downloaded from the iTunes store, and the respective frame clip for the corresponding iPhone / iPad. Eassee3D® FrameClip for iPhone 4/4S The “Eassee3D® FrameClip for iPhone 4/4S” is a frame made of high quality and exceptionally light aircraft grade aluminum, in which the patented Eassee3D® Parallax Layer lenticular sheet is already firmly clamped. The kit is simply clipped to the display of the iPhone 4/4S, then sits perfectly safe and can simply be removed after watching a 3D movie and transported in a protecting enclosed bag. When not in use the FrameClip can also easily be attached to the back of the iPhone 4/4S. Thus, the 3D film is always there – but until then, protects the back of the iPhone 4/4S against scratches. Integrated Eassee3D® film The Eassee3D® Parallax Layer lenticular sheet is already integrated into the FrameClip, so 3D experience without glasses is possible anytime and anywhere! The FrameClip has been designed that all functional elements remain readily operable by the film and thus the touch functionality remains 100%. 3D videos without glasses with 614,400 pixels The Eassee3D® technology supports all 614,400 pixels of the iPhone 4/4S, thus generating 480 different informations for both the right and the left eye. So you get playback of 3D videos in side by side format in brilliant quality.   The Eassee3D® system Eassee3D® is a system for playback of 3D content on high-quality displays. It uses the latest, patented Parallax Layer lenticular technology that makes it possible to interlink two different video image informations in a way that in playback with the original Eassee3D® FrameKit a very clear 3D effect is perceived.

  • The current Eassee3D® App is available at the Apple iTunes Store for free download. With the app it is possible to watch your own videos, which are loaded via iTunes on the iPhone / iPad. In addition to already over 280,000 videos that can be enjoyed in 3D on Youtube.
  • Look for the Eassee3D® PLAY characters. You can find it in the future more and more on different websites. It points out that from this point simply a corresponding 3D video on the iPhone / iPad can be played, press link and follow the instructions.
  • Creating some links to 3D videos to distribute them via email, Facebook, blog, or your own website? No problem. Eassee3D® provides on www.eassee3d.de a free Eassee3D® link generator which generates 3D with a callable 1-click links.
  • QR codes bring immediately to the goal. Eassee3D® supports this technology. Scan Eassee3D® QR code and assume directly Eassee3D® app playback of the corresponding 3D video. Thus, millions of websites offering direct access to their 3D content. Simple and for free.
  • Create 3D photos easily with the iPad. With the virtual Eassee3D® camera that is built into the Eassee3D® App, it´s child’s play. Motive to target, press double-click icon and immediately appears your own 3D photo. This side by side 3D images can be straightforward shared by email or via Facebook with friends.

Product data: Eassee3D® FrameClip is made of high quality steel frame. The product is packaged one for one. 1 sellers quantity equals 20 units. Measurements: Dimension (mm): 114 x 58 x 6 Weight (g): 10 Product Options: EAN-Code: – Eassee3D® FrameClip for iPhone 4/4S, silver 426 004 833 233 4 – Eassee3D® FrameClip for iPhone 4/4S, black 426 004 833 234 1 Order now- your order for 29,95€ + shipment cost.

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