2013D FrameClip for iPhone 5

General Info

Change your iPhone display into a genuine 3D display – without the need of glasses in 1 second!

Now your iPhone display is three dimensional! Without the need for glasses or any conversion. Simply attach the 3D frame to the iPhone and start looking at photos and videos in 3D without the need for glasses! The Eassee3D® FrameClip is made of brushed aluminum, that gives the Eassee3D® FrameClip for the iPhone 5 a high-quality finish. The patented Eassee3D® Parallax layer lenticular film “Made in Germany” has been integrated into the housing. Because of its symmetrical design, it can be easily removed and put back on the back of the phone. So the Eassee3D® FrameClip stays for quality companion and protects the sensitive back of the iPhone 5 from scratches.

Real 3D photos and videos on the iPhone without the need for glasses! Create your own 3D photos and watch them on your display, or download thousands of 3D films in genuine 3D from sites like YouTube. With a 3D film converter you can also convert your own normal films into 3D. Brillant! Even simpler and more practical. Simply attach the 3D frame whenever you want to look at photos and videos in 3D then remove it, or just leave it on your iPhone if you prefer. The 3D frame functions on the basis of the professional side-by-side principle. Simply search for 3D side-by-side videos on YouTube where you’ll find thousands of amazing films directly in 3D with our 3D frame.

The Eassee3D® system is an open system for reproducing 3D content on conventional screens. In addition to the above apps there are on the Internet in the appropriate app stores a number of other apps available that support the 3D functions of Eassee3D system.

The FrameKit contains:

  • Eassee3D® FrameClip with newest patented Parallax-Layer lenticular technology
  • Manual for free apps download and link list
  • Eassee3D® registration code

Avaliable now order for 29,95€ + shipping cost. Also available in black!

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